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A rant about Kidz-Bop.

I’m sick of seeing the commercials. It’s so stupid, and I just don’t understand why they’re so popular. 

see, if you don’t know what Kidz-Bop is. basically, it’s a group of the most popular songs in the past like 5 months sang by kids ‘for kids’. nothing changes. all that’s done is the kids ‘sing’ the songs. kinda like bad karaoke. 

and it’s popular. their 21st album has just come out. AND I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY.

THEY’RE THE SAME GODDAMN SONGS. just sang by kids. the songs have the same meanings. the same lyrics. the same EVERYTHING. just kids singing it (and some of them shouldn’t even be singing). I guarantee most of the kids don’t even understand what the songs mean or are talking about.

you know what people should do? not buy this stupid album of lip syncing kids. buy the songs individually that BENEFIT the original SINGER. because that’s the best version - THE ORIGINAL. not some terrible lip-syncing kids who think that them singing it makes the songs 3x better. no. never. 

and these kids on the commercials are like rocking out to these songs…ONE OF THE SONGS WAS KATY PERRY’S THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY. you don’t rock out to that song. THAT’S A SAD SONG. what the flying fuck. I mean seriously. you kids are not cool because you’re lip-syncing to popular songs on a goddamn commercial. I mean seriously. 

it just gets me so pissed off how popular it is when it’s one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever seen on television.

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